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What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a disorder that turns the sexual life of most middle-aged men and their partners into a real nightmare. The term ED itself covers a large number of sexual disorders but basically refers to an inability to acquire and sustain an erection hard enough for a healthy sexual intercourse.

The changes in erectile function occurring with age are quite normal though very unpleasant. It may take a man longer to acquire an erection, it may be not so stiff or may require additional effort and a greater deal of stimulation to be achieved. The orgasms may get shorter and less intense, the amount of produced ejaculate can reduce and the refractory period between erections may get much longer. Temporary symptoms of erectile dysfunction usually occur to most men but they may not affect some of them psychologically.

In some aged men, ED turns into a permanent state that cuts all possibilities of having a sexual intercourse while the others may still retain the ability to achieve partial or short-term erections. Repeating ED outbreaks can cause serious emotional problems and relationship drifts, which usually results in a significant decrease of self-confidence in both partners. Luckily, most of the causes of erectile dysfunctions can be treated efficiently. Usually ED is more common in men over 40 but it can actually occur at any age.

Symptoms of ED

There are three following groups under which the symptoms of ED can be categorized:

  • Temporary inability to acquire erection
  • Inability to sustain an erection long enough for a healthy sexual intercourse
  • Permanent inability to acquire erection
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Anatomy of Penis

Here comes a little discourse into the anatomy of penis. Penile body consists of two cavernous bodies (corpora cavernosa) stretching along the top and a tubular structure (corpus spongisum) through which semen and urine are transferred. There are also the erectile tissues, two main arteries and a number of veins and nerve endings surrounding the urethra. The longest part of the penile body is the shaft, ending with the penis head that is also known as the glans penis. The opening at the tip of the penile body through which semen and urine are expelled is known as meatus.

How Does Erection Occur?

During the process of sexual stimulation, man’s brain sends nerve impulses that lead to relaxation and increase the blood flow towards corpora cavernosa by almost 7 times. Increased flow of blood expands the spongy tissues thus making the penile body extend, expand and grow stiffer. Prolonged sexual stimulation maintains the rush of blood into the penile body keeping the penis firm for an extended period of time. After the ejaculation, or when the intensity of sexual stimulation ceases, the excess blood flows out of the penis and it returns to its flaccid state.

What Can Cause ED?

In case any of the steps listed above get affected/interrupted, the whole process of acquiring an erection gets misbalanced. This may result in ED. Causes of ED are subdivided into psychological, nonphysiological or combined.

Physiological causes of ED
Physiological causes are the reason for up to 80% cases of ED. The most wide-spread of them are the following:

  • Nerve damage resulting from chronic diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disorders that may decrease the blood flow towards the pelvic area
  • Side effects of some prescription medications
  • Some surgical operations such as the removal of the prostate gland
  • Fractures of the spinal cord
  • Disorders of the hormonal system
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Substance abuse, drug or heavy alcohol addiction

Nonphysical causes
The remaining 20% cases of ED are caused by the following nonphysical reasons:

  • Stress, excess fatigue, depression and anxiety.
  • Disinterest in the sexual partner

In most cases physiological and nonpsychological causes tend to intensify each other. For example, partial ED caused by physiological reasons may lead to a drop of self-esteem, which will make the situation much worse.

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Our latest testimonials:

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ED in Numbers and Statistics

ED has many subtypes and specific definitions, which makes the estimation of people suffering from it extremely difficult. According to the data collected by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 2002, the number of men in the US suffering from chronic degrees of ED can be anywhere between 15 and 30 million. According to the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS) carried out in 1999, about 2.2% men in the US have at least once requested medical help for ED.

Older men have been proved to show greater vulnerability to ED. Researches show that chronic ED affects about 5% of men in their 40s and up to 15-25% of men aging 40-65. Partial ED affects up to 50% of men between 40-70.

In 80% of men ED gets caused by physiological disorders such as diabetes, kidney disease, alcoholism and atherosclerosis. Stress, anxiety and depression account for about 10-20%. About 35-50% of men with diabetes also have ED.

How to Diagnose Erectile Dysfunction?

The very first thing a man should be able to do is to admit that he has a sexual problem. The next step after that is a visit to a qualified physician who will carry out a complete investigation aimed at determining the actual cause of the existing problem. The physician will also re-check the list of medications that you consume to figure out any possible side effects and dangerous drug interactions. In case some physical disorder is suspected to be the cause of ED, immediate blood tests are carried out in order to check the hormonal levels in the patient’s blood. Additional specialized tests may also be carried out in order to determine the adequacy of the penile function.

Preventive Measures Against ED

Even though most men often suffer from temporary symptoms of ED, there is means to prevent it. Actually, the most effective of these means are general practices aimed at maintaining good overall health. Bad habits such as smoking and drinking must be avoided or at least minimized. You should avoid getting stressed out, anxious, depressed, etc. Regular exercise, balanced diet, healthy sleep and routine medical checkups will also help.

Fighting ED

Despite the causes of ED, the disorder itself may become a source of strong emotional and mental stress for both you and your sexual partner. Please, pay attention to the following points – they are of truly great importance in helping you fight ED:

  • Don’t be afraid to discuss your sexual problems with your partner. This will help you strengthen your relationship and avoid misunderstanding. All means of treatment work much better when both partners are aware of them and willing to make the treatment course end up successfully. You should never try to conceal any information concerning your problem from your physician.
  • Seeking medical help will always prove to be a good idea since fighting ED on your own can be really hard.
  • Do not assume that you have a permanent problem in case you’re only observing the symptoms of ED from time to time. This may lead to mental stress that will only make the situation worse.
  • Don’t think that a single incident of ED is the beginning of the permanent disorder. ED is not a death verdict – it can be fixed!
  • Don’t forget to reassure your partner that the problems that you are experiencing are not a sign of diminished sexual desire.
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